Love or depend on? How to get rid of the addiction and enjoy the love

The emotional attachment makes you look all that you need to be happy outside of it, and I confess all we went through that phase, do you remember your first day of school or nursery, as he cried your MOM?, since that was your first experience of emotional attachment. You slowly started to feel better and already not he cried more instead started to enjoy your stay in the school and the company of other children. You were learning detachment and gave you realized that you could live without being beside your mother 24 hours a day. Adult now looking again fill your vacuum and disconnect internal with something that is out of you, a couple. And back to start or continue the endless cycle of find out you can only find in yourself so you become to take refuge in the emotional attachment.

What does the emotional attachment?

It produces a repellent effect because when we are looking desperate, anxious and rushed to the perfect couple that is going to make happy we send a misguided energy vibration and the worst thing is that the other person perceives it and what does It feels even and flees. It is like being a parasitic plant that sticks to another tree to live. And that's scary. Isn't it?

How can I change this misguided energy frequency?

The answer is simple: detachment. The detachment is to reconnect with your inner and remember who are you, is to put you back in the position where you direct your life because you know you and know that you have everything you need inside of you. When you're desapegada you be and are at the same time, your energy is light and attractive, you become a being autonomous and recognize that each who is autonomous.

Be desapegada is referring to that it doesn't matter me anything or anyone?

No, be desapegada does not mean that you do not worry by the things you love, nor much less means not to create emotional ties with the people, it's healthy and positive affective ties. Be desapegada will allow you to demonstrate unconditional love because not look make your partner prisoner if not to give him the possibility of being free to be who he is because you too free and you are.

How can I then learn to be desapegada because I do not understand?

To be desapegada only have to connect with yourself and so I created the following plan (as I explain it in the video) 1.) Recognize your abilities: a.) ability to be. b.) capacity of independence. c.) ability to decide. (2.) take care of you: a.) pay attention to your needs. b.) regain the connection with you. c.) doing things that you like. It is not for others, it's you and I is that perfect relationship for you is very near so don't let your desperation, that your attachment for the result, that your fear and your Blur make their arrival is delayed more. Enjoy the process and while dance with life.

To love you more, learn about ti and feel full

You do not need someone else, but you can choose to share all that you're with someone You feel what you feel. You are looking for a moment of tranquility and experiments in your body, with all your senses, feelings, sensations and emotions that you feel. Do not ignore your emotions, on the contrary, pay attention: If you are sad feel sadness, if you recognize insecurity also feel… Consciously assume what is happening you will help you to cope with it and little by little will increase you self-esteem. You feel that you are. Now feel that inner strength, Yes, time limited by your thoughts, but you try to be aware of that is within you. So remember sometime in your life that you did something great, how did you feel? If you did it on that occasion why not now? What limit you? Feel in the company. At times like those, you tend to seek solitude, well, it is a little bit better, but rely on the people you know and you know that you will understand; your neighbors, your friends, your family… He laughs with them. Write your mission and your Vision. You have a mission and a purpose is paramount to not losing the way nor lose sight of what is important. You value what they have. Look at your about: nature, people, things, the Sun, clouds, smell, field, beach, music, laughter, colors, birds, fish… Everything is there, maybe before you not gave you account, enjoy it what you can. Sources:


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