If you eat bananas and it´s shell, you’ll have these incredible benefits

Although always listen to our mothers say that eat so many bananas is bad, that if potassium, that if the other, it has been discovered that the regular intake of this fruit can provide great benefits to our body.

Discover things to improve…

There are plenty of ways to consume it and many different varieties such as the topocho, Canary Island banana, bananas from ecuador, among others. Is also named in different ways in Venezuela for example is says banana banana, in Spain, in Argentina is told banana and in your country how say you?

If you eat bananas regularly, these are your benefits

1 bananas, help to control the problems of anemia, since they balance the lack of iron in our body.

2 the regular intake of bananas helps to regulate our levels of acidity, which is is an anti acid natural… When you feel this discomfort in the stomach, commits a banana you’ll see that you’ll feel a great improvement in minutes.

3 also helps relieve depression and relax our body.

4 gives us a lot of energy.

5 eating bananas every day, we talk about one or two servings, it will help you to regulate the operation of your intestines, so if you suffer from any type of constipation you can try this, since it is a food with nutrients.

6 alleviates the inconvenience caused by ulcer and also is one of the few fruits that you can consume if you suffer from this.

7 the intake of bananas, may help prevent heart disease and also keeps your pressure in a stable way.

8 is a natural body cooler, which will consume it, your body feel more fresh. and if accompanied it with ice cream better.

9 will help combat stress.

Will surely surprise you to know that you can eat Peel the banana, and not only are edible, also has certain benefits.

People from countries such as india have been taking advantage of the benefits of eating the shell of banana, for many years. While the flesh of the banana is soft and sweet, the skin is thick and fibrous. For this reason to eat the shell, can be used in smoothies, fried, baked, or boiled for at least 10 minutes. On the other hand while more mature is the banana or banana, becomes sweeter shell.

Nutritional benefits

The meat of a medium banana has certain percentage of vitamins and nutrients such as:

12% fiber, which AIDS in digestion, 17% of vitamin C, important for the system inmunoloigico, growth and development. 20% of vitamin B6, which helps the body’s ability to convert food into energy. 12% of potassium, which helps in development of cells, tissues and organs. 8% magnesium, which is important for the production of energy, regulates blood pressure and blood glucose levels.


The shell contains large amounts of vitamin B6 and B12, as well as magnesium and potassium. It also contains some protein and fiber.

Remember to always properly wash all the fruit that you eat to avoid intestinal complications. What did you think of the benefits of bananas? Don’t forget to share this article so that your friends and family also know its amazing benefits.


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