The great spell Sioux to understand love

He has an old legend of Indians sioux, once, to store the old witch of the tribe, they arrived, hand in hand, Bull, the most courageous and honorable young warriors and high cloud, the daughter of the Chief and one of the most beautiful women of the tribe. -We love – began the young man. – And we're going to get married – she said. – And we want so much that we're afraid. -We want a spell, a spell, a talisman. -Something that ensures us that we can be always together. -To ensure us that we will be side by side until the day of death to Manitu. -Please – repeated-, is there anything we can do? -The old man looked at them and was excited to see them so young, so in love, so breathless waiting for his word. -There is something… the old man said after a long pause. But do not be… It is very difficult and sacrificed. -No matter – they told the two. -Whatever – ratified Bull. -Well – said the wizard-high cloud, do you see the mountain North of our village?. You will have to climb it alone and without more weapon than a network and your hands, and you will have to hunt more beautiful and vigorous mount Falcon. If you catch it, you will have to bring him alive on the third day after the full moon. do you understand?. The young man nodded in silence. – and you, Bull, – continued the Witcher, you will have to climb the mountain of Thunder and when you get to the top, find the most indomitable of all eagles and only with your hands and a network you must catch it without injury, bring it to me, live, on the same day that will come high cloud… out now – young people looked tenderly, after a fleeting smile came to fulfill the assignment, she to the North, the South… -Day established opposite the store of the Witcher, two young people were waiting with two cloth bags that contained the chosen birds. -The old asked that very carefully they bring them from the bags. Young did and presented to the approval of the old, hunted birds. They were really beautiful specimens, without a doubt, the best of his lineage. -They were flying high? -asked the Witcher… -Yes, without a doubt, as you asked for it… And now? -asked the young man – we will kill them and drink the honor of his blood? -Non – said the old man. Cook- and eat the value in your flesh – replied the young man. -Non – repeated the old – do what I tell you. Take the bird and tie them together by the feet with these strips of leather… When they have tied them, release them and flying free. -The Warrior and the young man did what they were told and released birds. -The Eagle and the Hawk tried to lift flight, but only managed to roll on the floor. A few minutes later, irritated by the inability, warred birds to Peck each other to hurt themselves. -This is the spell. Never forget what you have seen. Are you. as an eagle and a hawk; If they are tied one to the other, although they do so out of love, they will not only live crawling, but in addition, sooner or later, they will begin to hurt one another. If you want to love you endure, fly together… but never tied…


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