First fall in love Ti and life… after somebody

We tend to associate the love of the couple, when in reality, much before even us out hair by the body, every one of us knew surplus what is love. Go mad by learning to ride a bike or passion for a book that does not let you even sleep at night, die of desire to go to that rock concert or see this new friend who has made this year to the College and has an overwhelming personality… Get excited by that Professor when he speaks of natural sciences seems to out her chest… or your older brother, whom you have always wanted to look like you. Because love has many dimensions, and can spread out in any area of life, but can only occur if you have a good estate, self-esteem. Without self-esteem, life becomes something sad, negative and frustrating. We try to fill the gaps of our failure with non-praise that never seem to be enough, and look for results in a perfect body, a boyfriend who can boast, top academic grades or a few large professional achievements. But at the end, without a strong and healthy self-esteem, nothing to tell us teacher, boss, friend or partner we can fill or make happy. On the other hand, when we want and start by pouring that passion ourselves, enjoying and appreciating what we are, we see the kind that has the world, others have and that has life.

We love anything if first we do not love ourselves.

 Because life asks loudly that you love her, and not that you close to the smallness of a misunderstood couple love. Because life is full of nice things that you arise each morning, every day, every moment, and which often do not have eyes to see, because "we are distracted" making other plans… The pleasure of music, the subtleties of the flavor of the wine or the endless wonders of landscapes that inhabit the Earth… a good paella, unforgettable conversation at a cafe, an unrepeatable orgasm or an evening of friends laughing with complicity. That new person who appears in your life and see you a new world that neither Columbus dreamed, or this place tucked away in your own neighborhood or you know that it was until yesterday... "I love the life that I fell for you so much", says Ismael Serrano, and it is that love is so. We tend to believe that the heart is like a cake that is split, and when we give a few pieces to a person, is less for others. But love seems much more to a balloon, that whenever we love swells more, be more air. For this reason, if you want to know if you really want your partner, look if since you are with him or her do you like more movies, you desire to travel to more places, fascinate you by more people and they ilusionan you more projects, or conversely, you have been exhausting as a cake that was precious when they lifted, but now it's broken into pieces.

Love looks more like a balloon, how much more love more love fits inside.

For this reason, fall in love with life, its corners, its people, its nature and its experiences… Fall in love with yourself to the point that always fit for you more excited, more love and more enjoyment. Fall in love with your work, your city, your friends and new that you're doing. Fall in love with your partner until the end leave you space, want their freedom and give her yours. Fall in love to the point of follow every day being a river of love, open to more experiences, more people and more stories that make it worth this existence. Roberto Trevilla Baz source:


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