Everyone wants to kill love. Tale.

Killing the love

There was once in the history of the world a terrible day in which hatred, which is the King of the bad feelings, defects and bad virtues, convened an urgent meeting with all black feelings of the world and the most perverse desires of the human heart. They came to the meeting with curiosity to know what was the purpose. When they were all the hatred he spake and said:-"I have gathered them here all because I wish with all my might to kill someone". Attendees not surprised much because it was the hatred that was talking about and he always wants to kill someone, however all wondered among themselves who would be so difficult to kill so that hatred will need them all. -"I want to kill the love," said. Many smiled maliciously as more than one wanted to destroy it. The first volunteer was the evil character, who said:-"I'll go, and can assure you that in a year the love will have died; I provocaré such discord and anger that will not support it". A year after they met again and to hear the report of the evil character were disappointed.   [ctt template = "11" link = "197rR" via = "no"] If you think that the adventure is dangerous, try the routine. It is deadly. Coelho [/ctt] – "sorry, it tried everything but whenever I planted a discord, love exceeded it and went forward". It was then when, very diligent, offered the ambition that by boasting of his power said:-"since the bad character failed, I will go. I will turn away the attention of love towards the desire for wealth and power. That never will be". And ambition began the attack toward its victim who fell effectively wound but after struggling to get ahead, he renounced all overset desire for power and triumphed again. Furious hatred by the failure of ambition sent to jealousy, whom teasing and perverse invented all kinds of tricks and situations to confuse love and hurt him with doubts and unfounded suspicions. But confused love wept and thought that I didn't want to die, with courage and strength was imposed on them, and overcame them. Year after year, hatred continued in their fight by sending more hurtful teammates, sent to coldness, egoism, indifference, the refrain, disease, poverty and many others who failed always, because when love felt faint again taking strength and everything exceeded it. Hate, convinced that love was invincible, said to the others: "there is nothing to do. Love has withstood everything, we have been insisting for many years and we fail." Suddenly, a corner of the room stood someone little recognized, wearing all black and a giant hat that fell on his face and would not let him see, its appearance was funeral as the death. "I will kill the love," he said with security. Everyone wondered who he was that he intended to do just that none had been able to. Hate said: "Go and do it". He had just spent some time when hatred returned to call all the bad feelings to tell you after that, much expected, finally the love was dead. Everyone was happy, but surprised. Then the feeling of Black Hat spoke: "There I give them completely dead and shattered love", and she left without saying more. "Waiting", said the hatred, "so soon you removed it completely, you desesperaste it and not made the least effort to live. Who are you?" Sentiment rose for the first time his horrible face and said: "I am the routine."  


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