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What are anxiety disorders? knows some secrets

“Free yourself from anxiety, thinks that what should be will be, and will naturally happen-” Facundo Cabral-

Almost all of have experienced them and up to more than once. You are not alone in this crusade. But it is worth making the effort to reverse this situation that both disturbs and hurts. We know more in depth this important topic:

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common psychopathology. It is estimated that 25% of people will experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. Therefore, it is likely that if you don’t have it, you may know someone who suffers from this problem. The situation is so serious that the anxiety has been labeled the “silent epidemic of this century”.

The person who suffers anxiety, experiences a permanent anguish which not is able to deliver, even if I know that many of the concerns that torment him are not rational. The anxious lives in a State of expectation continuous, always in the hope of something bad happening. Obviously, that level of tension is very exhausting and ends up passing a big Bill, not only from the point of view of emotional but also physical. Anxiety-Lang Interact with anxious people also is complicated because they can be very irritable and untimely decisions. In addition, his arrest may be really annoying and stressful. However, the key lies in understanding, in being able to put in place.

Melissa McGlensey, editor of The Mighty, decided to ask people living with anxiety how they summarize their condition. His words can help us understand the ravages that cause this disorder and how they feel. We can get for a moment in your skin.

“do not need someone who looks at us as if we were crazy.” We need someone who is compassionate,”- Kristen Cunningham


Sometimes the best balm to heal the wounds of the soul is understanding. Only sometimes we must be there, do you know the person who is going so badly that you can count on us, without criticism, without criticism, without claims.

“I am being attacked by something that I can’t escape” – Sherri Paricio Bornhöft

That person has not chosen the anxiety, rather has been anxiety who has chosen it. The anxious person wants to get rid of these uncomfortable symptoms, but does not know how to do it and much that tries it, it returns to experience them. It can sometimes feel as if trapped in a labyrinth without exit since often, after a period of stability, it suffers a relapse.

“sometimes, even the most simple task I saturates” – Rhonda Bodfield

Anxiety is a monster that steals us power. On many occasions, the anxious person is overwhelmed by seemingly simple tasks, since they don’t know where to start or cripple you concerns about things that could go wrong. In that case, the best option is not to criticize or try to minimize the problem, but only to lend a hand so you can fix it.

  1. “The fact of not to explain the feelings that cause my anxiety, not make it less valid”-Lauren Elizabeth

Is the person who lives with anxiety hard to put in words what they feel. Howna19fo01ever, this does not mean that their concerns and feelings are less real. In fact, the tendency to minimize its State causes more harm than good. The anxious person does not need someone who will tell you that what he feels is not real, but someone who support him.

  1. “The logic of the world will not stop the heart that beats in my chest” – Rebecca V. Cowcill

People who suffer anxiety tend to have panic attacks. At that time, her heart is rampage, it is difficult to breathe and fear death. Those so intense symptoms cause an emotional abduction in all rule. The emotional brain takes command, and disconnects the rational part. Therefore, although the anxious person may be perfectly aware that all is in your mind, this is not enough to stop the symptoms.

  1. “I know that you worry about ridiculous things, but I can’t,” Erika Strojny Myers

Anxious people tend to worry about details which are insignificant for most. Often this happens because it advances to the events and always expected the worst-case scenario. However, the fact that they are aware of it, does not mean that they can avoid it, sometimes it is as if his concerns acquired own life. Therefore, the best thing we can do is help them to take the first step, without recriminations.

  1. “Just because you don’t understand what they mean my fears, does not mean that they are not real” – Vicki Happ

The fact that you will not share the feelings or concerns of anxious person, does not mean that they do not exist. When something is real in his mind, becomes real in your day to day. If we think that we can control a situation or we will not go pass it, that will become a prophecy that is prophecy.

Finally, a person perfectly summarized what needs of others: “my mind is my enemy, so I need you by my side. Sometimes I only need you to fight with me”.

by Jennifer Delgado

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