Yoga improves and helps our sexuality

Yoga increases the activity of the sex glands, desire, performance and the intensity of orgasms. Here, four "asanas" to enrich the intimate encounter.

"Know our body is essential to be able to enjoy it," says the author. [/ mks_highlight]


Much we talked about the benefits of physical activity on sexuality and there are no doubts that a healthy sexuality requires a body and mind healthy. Learn about our body is essential to be able to enjoy it and yoga is an ancient discipline that involves not only our physical body, but understands the human being as a unity between mind, body and emotions. Sex is one of the ways through which Westerners approaching the sense of unity. Good sex together. We not only blends with the other making us feel one only, but that also, with every aspect of ourselves. But the sex goes beyond, and when experienced with freedom, you can live like a State of meditation. The best way to understand why sex has many points in common with meditation is by watching the feeling of that time stops when we enjoyed a sexual encounter.

Scientific studies

Lori Brotto is a Canadian psychologist, Member of the International Academy of sex research, that for years investigating the effects of yoga and meditation on sexuality. In one of its investigations reached the conclusion that through meditation the most women achieved significant improvements in lubrication and the subjective perception of sexual desire. In another study with women operated cervical cancer, having sexual difficulties observed that, when the sexual response was diminished but not eliminated, the meditation could amplify it. Other interesting studies were carried out in the India in 2010 by the journal The Journal of Sexual Medicine. The first took place with 65 men who were starting to practice yoga and the conclusion was that they increased their sexual desire, improved erection, ejaculatory control, confidence and satisfaction post coitus. The other study was conducted with 40 women also began to practice yoga, and the conclusion was that, through practice, improved their sexuality in a broad sense, increasing desire, lubrication, reducing pain, reaching intense orgasms and satisfaction. Sex office received daily different queries and comments on this topic. Many people have that they began to practice yoga and which not only contributed to advances in sex therapy will accelerate, but also helped them enrich the sexuality in all its aspects. Yoga involves not only muscle work: also helps to normalize all the functions of the body and a decrease in the levels of stress and an increase in the activity of the sex glands can be observed. This is the main advantage of the practice of yoga on sexuality. Yoga is a tool that not only helps to solve sexual problems, but it can also help to enrich the sexuality, because sexual health is not only the absence of disease but with the possibility to enjoy. This is proven by different studies and by the same people that practice it. Like sex, it has a part which is physics, which has to do with positions and muscular work, and others much deeper that is worth exploring and discovering. The asanas, or physical exercises, breathing and meditation practices, make yoga a powerful weapon to improve sexuality.

These are some of the asanas that promote sexual response:


1. Sit with your back straight and bend the legs joining the soles of the feet, Bowl-shaped or with the pads together. 2. Let knees falling sideways and take the thighs in internal rotation. 3. Bring heels towards the pelvis while maintaining the outside of the foot on the floor, and if you can, hold your feet with your hands. This position serves to relax the legs, and at the same time stimulates the sexual organs, and the open hip helps release accumulated sexual energy. Yoga


1. Sitting with legs extended, feet together and right back. 2. Inhale raising both arms. 3. Exhale bending the trunk forward holding hands to feet. This position stimulates sex glands, and one of the positions that help to maintain health and youth. Yoga

The bridge

1. Lie face up. 2. Rest the soles of the feet on the floor, close to the buttocks and in the line of the shoulders. 3. Inhaling, push with your feet against the floor by raising your hips. 4. Exhaling, return to support your back on the floor vertebra to vertebrae. Yoga This position helps to strengthen and tone the muscles of the pelvic floor, improving vaginal lubrication in the case of women, the level of arousal, lubrication, and quality of orgasms. As for men, it promotes erection and ejaculatory control.

Position of the child

1. Kneel on the floor and sit on the heels. 2. Separating the knees, and exhaling, leaning forward until her torso is above the thighs. 3. To the sides of the torso, support forearms on the floor and put their hands up. It is a stance that helps to relax and connect with yourself, and we know that to connect with the other first necessary to connect with yourself. Yoga   * Patrick Gomez Di Leva, teacher of the Chair-free sexuality and reproductive health of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires and sexologist in the Department of Sexual education of Prime Argentina. Source


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